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  • Fewer of the most densely packed tau tangles in the brain in animal models
  • Reduced neuronal death spread of tau pathology in animal models of TBI
    • Significance: Suggests the progression of neurodegeneration has been slowed
  • Reductions in levels of serum neurofilament light chain, a marker of neuronal death, in animal models
    • Significance: Suggests that neurons remain healthier longer after treatment
  • Reductions in preclinical inflammatory markers linked to the presence of tau
    • Significance: By clearing cis-pT231 tau from the brain, PNT001 reduces neuroinflammation which also contributes to neuronal death in tauopathy
  • Improved performance on a spatial memory test in animal models
    • Significance: Suggests positive effects on cognitive health
  • Preclinical improvements in long-term potentiation, a measure of synaptic strength
    • Significance: Suggests improvement in neuronal communication, a foundation of learning and memory
  • Improvement in the acute and long-term consequences of brain injury
    • Significance: Suggests positive effects on recovery from injury

These data give us confidence that PNT001 can reduce both the acute toxicity and and the spread of toxic tau in the brain and slow the neuronal death observed in diseases such as TBI, CTE, PSP and Alzheimer’s.